Top Queries About World Wide Brands Membership

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Membership to Worldwide Brands is expensive (in this Worldwide Brands review the author describes the cost and features in detail) but it's also the largest directory of suppliers and one of the most highly regarded.  The official Worldwide Brands site is helpful, but leaves many visitors looking for more answers to their questions – which I will try to answer in this article.

1. Is there a free trial of Worldwide Brands?

Technically yes, but it's so limited it's basically useless.  Full Worldwide Brands membership costs nearly $300 but there are discounts available and you can pay in three parts too.

2. How many suppliers are listed in Worldwide Brands?

There are about 8,000 certified suppliers in Worldwide Brands.  This is made up of a roughly equal number of wholesalers and drop shippers.  Hut as many of the wholesalers will also drop ship goods, it works out to be more than 75% that are willing to sell with a single unit as the minimum order.

3. Are there cheaper alternatives?

Yes, but they are smaller.  Doba costs $29 a month but has only 2m products and Salehoo costs $67 per year, but it has only 1.5m products available from wholesalers and drop shippers in it's directory.  By comparison, Worldwide Brands has more than 16 million wholesale products from over 8,000 suppliers.

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